How it works

Once you’ve signed up, an Digital Marketing Strategist will be assigned to your organization. Acting as an integral part of your team, they’ll guide your organization through each step of The Informz Way program – from development and planning through implementation, refinement and reporting.

Getting started

Your Informz Digital Marketing Strategist will also lead a kickoff meeting and ongoing weekly virtual meetings with your team to gain alignment among stakeholders and build a foundation for you to be able to recreate the program independently.

The Informz Way:

Developing Personas

Personas are fictional representations of your audience. They help you learn who your audience is at a human level and help identify how to best share your story.


  • Assistance with the development of 2-4 personas.
  • Guidance on connecting personas to data points and the Persona feature in the Informz platform.

Defining the Audience Lifecycle

Defining the lifecycle stages for each persona will tell you what each piece of content you create should accomplish.


  • Development of a lifecycle for each persona
  • Definition for each lifecycle stage

Mapping Content

After you have developed your personas and defined the lifecycle stages, content mapping will reveal what content is needed for each persona and each stage in the lifecycle. This is where you begin to develop a one-to-one marketing experience.


  • Content inventory template
  • Guidance in mapping content to personas and lifecycle stages
  • Suggestions on how to repurpose content for efficiency and maximize use of content

Automating Campaigns

We’ll help you take the planning work from the first three steps and bring it to life through automated email campaigns that allow you to tell a continuous story throughout an individual’s lifecycle with you.


  • Assistance with the development of campaign workflows
  • Recommendations for testing and optimization

Measuring Effectiveness

Reporting and analysis can often be one of the most challenging aspects of a campaign. By setting the foundation for measurement upfront and monitoring performance along the way, we can make it more manageable (and more productive).


  • Demonstration of tools for measuring performance
  • Goal setting
  • Establishment of benchmarks to identify trends and monitor performance

The Informz Way is available as an add-on to our Marketing Automation product. For specific pricing information, contact us.