Consulting and Strategy

Our Digital Marketing Strategists are here to take you beyond the basics. They are ready to help you analyze and meet your digital marketing goals. The strategy team boasts seasoned email experts with a proven record of improving campaign performance. From strategic advice to help you optimize your email marketing campaigns and improve your return on investment, to comprehensive analyses of your reporting and analytics, their guidance will help you get the most from your email marketing.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Do you question if you are sending too many emails? Does your team debate the best time to send emails or what channels to use for messaging? With The Informz Way, our expert digital strategists can guide you through every step in the process, from developing personas to mapping content to measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. Learn how it works here.

Informz Consulting services are available as an add-on to the Informz Email Marketing product. For information on pricing, contact us.

Informz Marketing Strategists' work with TMA led to a 313% increase in sales.