Full Service Email Management

Don’t have the time, staff or inclination for email marketing? Let our Professional Services team do the work for you. We offer campaign management on a one-time or ongoing basis, including:

  • List management
  • Email design
  • Email campaign creation
  • Campaign testing
  • Reporting and more

Template and Design Services

Getting your email to look great in the inbox and reflect your organization can be tough. By working with one of our HTML designers, you can ensure your messaging mirrors the rest of your communication and aligns with branding. Whether it’s best practices, optimization or responsive design at the top of your priority list, we’ve created hundreds of templates to meet our clients’ needs. We offer template and design services including:

  • Responsive and mobile optimized email templates
  • Graphic design services for print, web and email
  • Design best practices education

Marketing Services

Informz doesn’t just handle email marketing. We can also manage surveys, elections, and even event registration. Whether in tandem with our email marketing service or as a standalone option, our Professional Services team can handle it all.

Survey Creation and Deployment – Provide us the content and the questions and we will create, deploy and gather the results.

Election Campaigns – Let us manage the online component of your election. We’ll ensure the vote is held according to your rules while utilizing our expertise to maximize voter turnout.

Event Management – From the initial invitation and registration to post-event feedback, we can handle all of the marketing responsibilities for you.

Mobile and Social Initiatives – Our team can help you to create mobile-friendly email campaigns or develop a strategy to harness the power of social media to spread your marketing virally and improve engagement.

Ready to get started?

Informz Campaign Management and Design are available as an add-on to the Informz Email Marketing product. For further information, contact us.

“Informz Campaign Management is like the employee you’ve always wanted on your team, that you’d clone over and over if you could. They work fast and they work smart, and sometimes they know what you want before you do. Their input was strategic, their advice timely, and their service speedy. The ideal!”

Darren Jackson, NAFCU