Identifying how visitors interact with your website will help you target messaging to both current subscribers and prospective subscribers more efficiently and effectively. Web tracking collects the data you need to understand your users better and create more relevant content. Enjoy a full integration between your email platform, your website, and your database.

Targeting with Web Tracking

Easily create target groups based on web tracking data for email campaigns. Page interactions such as watching a video, filling out a form, or making a purchase can trigger entrance into a campaign. This means you can understand what a visitor is interested in and react immediately to that interest by providing relevant and perfectly timed information.


Email data + website data + database data = a clear picture of your audience. Include web tracking data in your scoring model to understand your audiences’ engagement level and identify hot prospects.


Easy-to-read reports quickly show your overall website performance. From sessions, page views, interactions, top search engines used, average duration, and more, there are endless possibilities to gain further insight into your audience and your websites performance.

With Informz Web Tracking, the opportunities are endless. You can:

  • Optimize the flow of your website based on how visitors interact and move through your website.
  • Construct campaigns based on web tracking data.
  • Experiment with adding or removing pop-ups to increase visits and duration.
  • Consider language localization for mailing stories.
  • Conduct A/B tests on mailings to see if any of the web statistics can be influenced.
  • Evaluate the ROI on various products and services that are offered for sale on the website.


Web tracking will help you make the leap from batch and blast email marketing to strategic, behavior-based digital marketing.

AAAE leveraged Informz Web Tracking to accelerate event registration by 27%!