Define and prioritize specific targeting personas

Drag n drop personasClick for larger view
Create simple, drag-and-drop personas – directly in Informz or from data found in your database. Informz will then automatically create the associated target groups to help you outline priorities and ensure your efforts are in alignment with your organization’s goals.

Incorporate a wide range of valuable behavior metrics

Lead scoringClick for larger view
Use engagement and lead scoring, heat maps, conversion tracking and more – to pinpoint audience behavior and further guide your efforts.

Get powerful insight into audience behavior and performance trends – from easy-to-read reports

Campaign Analytics

  • See key email metrics such as delivery, open, click, forward, bounce, unsubscribe, social sharing and more
  • Monitor trends and performance over time and compare with industry benchmarks
  • Measure total campaign performance and customize evaluation periods
  • View conversion and response rates

Subscriber Analytics

  • Score individual subscribers based on their digital activity (email, web, social) and by data within your database
  • Track overall scoring trends and changes
  • Monitor engagement and lead score by persona
  • See what email clients and mobile devices your audience uses so you can optimize email templates

Website Analytics

  • Track page visits, visitors, time spent, bounce rate, referral sites, keywords and more
  • Understand the impact email marketing has on web traffic and conversions
  • Automate email messaging based on web page visits
  • Identify trends and monitor web performance
  • Include web behavior as part of an individual’s engagement or lead score.