From welcome messages to nurture and renewal emails, Informz can help you actively engage with your audience as they engage with you.

Campaign Designer is an add-on feature of the Informz Marketing Automation suite that acts as a virtual whiteboard for designing email campaigns. With just a few clicks, you can create fully automated, multi-step campaigns that trigger messaging based on all kinds of behavior, from opening or clicking an email, to visiting webpages, sharing content and more. Our Campaign Starter Kits give you easy-to-use campaign templates that make launching your first campaigns a breeze.

Automating campaigns will allow you to:

  • Create efficiencies in your strategy without increasing labor costs.
  • Enhance campaign planning with visual end-to-end process flow.
  • Improve your response to constituent activity from multiple marketing channels.
  • Document your campaign purpose, goals, and audience.

Contact your advisor today for more information about how automated campaigns can benefit your organization.