With just a few clicks, our easy-to-use, visual Campaign Designer can help you create fully automated campaigns that trigger messaging based on all kinds of behavior, from opening or clicking an email, to visiting webpages, sharing content and more.

Personalized emails are immediately more relevant, help to reduce perceived “information overload” and dramatically increase your chances of engagement.

Informz Marketing Automation makes it easy to deliver exactly the right message at exactly the right time.

Welcome Campaigns

Schedule a series of emails to introduce your organization and offer engagement opportunities for new members

Event Marketing

Use Informz to automate messaging around everything from your initial invitation, to event reminders, to follow up after the event

Nurture Campaigns

Send an automated series of emails that promote ongoing engagement and help consistently reinforce the value of membership

Re-engagement Campaigns

Create a multi-step campaign reaching out to inactive email recipients, reminding them of your organization’s value and encouraging them to become active again.

Renewal Campaigns

Renewal campaigns offer a natural opportunity for scheduling a series of timely triggered emails.

Win-back Campaigns

Build an automated campaign designed to win-back lapsed members without investing a lot of time or energy.