Informz for netFORUM Enterprise

Informz has partnered with Abila to make it easier than ever to harness the combined power of email marketing and your netFORUM Enterprise database to keep your members informed and engaged.

Informz for netFORUM Enterprise offers many benefits:

  • Use real-time data from dynamic queries — including Audience queries — built in netFORUM Enterprise to create highly-targeted emails. Data is updated in real time and all queries are reusable.
  • Unsubscribe and resubscribes are written back to netFORUM so you can view it in the individual profiles.
  • Advanced email metric options write back to netFORUM and are now stored in a centralized location, so you can easily combine metrics with engagement scoring in netFORUM.
  • Customize the frequency and breadth of writebacks.
  • Effortless email preference management with that interfaces with opt-in or opt-out categories in netFORUM.
  • Assign and control queries for each individual chapter to ensure data integrity when segregating accounts for chapters or business affiliates.

netFORUM Enterprise integration is available as an add-on to the Informz Email Marketing product. For information on pricing, contact us.

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