Informz for Aptify

The Informz email marketing platform was built with marketers in mind, so you get all of the powerful tools you need to create great looking emails and to engage your audience — like mobile optimization and integrated social posting — and we make it easy.

The Informz and Aptify partnership is the only Aptify-developed and supported email marketing integration. Our companies share the same vision of best meeting the needs of you – our clients – and helping you maximize the power of your database. With integration to Aptify, you can segment your audience based on data in your database and automate email campaigns.

Informz for Aptify offers many benefits:

  • Easily build target groups with our seamless integration to your current Prospect Views in Aptify.
  • Use Aptify fields to personalize mailings.
  • Write back valuable email activity data, which includes delivery, opens, unsubscribes and resubscribes, back to Aptify, enabling you to have a complete picture of a member’s contact and activity history.

Aptify integration is available as an add-on to the Informz Email Marketing product. For information on pricing, contact us.