Informz for Impak

By seamlessly integrating with Impak, Informz enables you to create more personalized communications and automate many manual processes, all from one integrated interface.

Informz for Impak offers many benefits:

  • Use integrated preference management that allows members to opt-in and out of communications, helping you to better target the messages they receive, reducing unsubscribes and strengthening your relationship
  • Combine the most up-to-date data from your database with dynamic segmenting capabilities to create highly-targeted messages that improve member engagement
  • Leverage real-time data from dynamic queries built in IMPak to create highly-targeted emails
  • Write back valuable email activity data to your database, enabling you to have a complete picture of a member’s contact and activity history. Combine that with our powerful analytic tools to monitor conversions and ROI

Impak integration is available as an add-on to the Informz Email Marketing product. For information on pricing, contact us.

“NAADAC, an Impak client, increased their membership by 38% in 11 months after switching to Informz.”

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