No Need to Know HTML

Create templates and emails in just a few minutes with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality.

Streamline Your Process

Branding and layout decisions are locked at the template level, making mailing creation a breeze. Protect your design from beginning to send.

Virtual Inbox

Preview your emails on dozens of clients and mobile devices in just a few seconds – before you hit send.

Integrated Social Posting

Post status updates and emails to your social media pages directly from your Informz account.

Send Time Optimization

Use data on past behavior to send emails when your audience is most likely to open them.

Automatically Responsive Templates

Smart stacking technology automatically stacks, spans, and resizes copy and images without any extra work on your end.

Advanced Targeting

Create dynamic content areas in your messages to target the right message to the right segment of your audience instead of building multiple emails.

Template Gallery

Over 35 professional templates available for customization to your organization’s branding.

The Reviewer

Reduce email editing time by allowing editors to make comments directly on a snapshot of the email and keep edits and comments all in one place.

Here's what people are saying about our HTML-free designers:

“We love the customization. In our old email tool, we were stuck. Informz gives us more sophistication and consistency across all mailings. And advertisements are presented better, especially on mobile. This non-dues revenue is so important.”

Alexa Hanson, National Association for the Education of Young Children

“It's one of the best drag and drop designers I've worked with.”

Paul Kissin, National Confectioners Association

“Our other email tool gave us lots of bounces with issues from rendering. Informz is so easy to use. All the tools are integrated and it's such a simple process now. The built-in responsive design relieves us designers of work that we can now have our marketing team do themselves. ”

Melissa Halka, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

“It was almost too easy! Someone with no prior experience could pick it up fast and do something nice with it.”

Beth Arritt, American Association of Airport Executives

“It's going to make mailing creators so much more autonomous and it's going to streamline my review process since everything will be so much more predictable. I'm doing the happy dance!”

Gabby Seim, The Research Foundation for SUNY