Our easy-to-read reporting features give you a clearer view of how your email campaigns are performing, so you can make any adjustments necessary to make them work harder.

  • View open rates to identify which subject lines are performing best
  • Pinpoint trends such as the best time of day to send an email
  • Create segmented lists based on how people are responding to your campaign
  • Use engagement scoring and analysis to determine optimum message frequency (β€œAre you sending too much email?”)
  • Use conversion rates to calculate the ROI for your campaign
  • …and more

Informz offers a wide variety of reporting features, including:

  • Mobile device and email client tracking
  • Social sharing reports
  • Geographic location of opens
  • Bounce management
  • Recency monitoring and duration reports
  • Google analytics tracking
  • Subject line and open rate correlation
  • Spatial click-thrus
  • Engagement scoring
  • Opt-out tracking

“The reporting features, A/B testing tools and analytics – not to mention the customer service – allow us to effectively meet the needs of our diverse audience.”

Lindsey Kellman, National Kidney Foundation