Email Regulatory Compliance

Compliance to CAN-SPAM is vital. Our ISP Relations Team reliably monitors, evaluates, studies and contributes to the latest in email regulations and best practices worldwide.

Email List Maintenance

From subscription forms that allow for easy opt-in to your lists, to suppression list of domains that should never receive email, Informz helps you maintain your email lists in compliance with the rules that govern both you and your recipients.

Domain Monitoring

Informz employs domain-level monitoring to manage the number of connections opened for each ISP domain at any one time. This ensures your email marketing messages are delivered at a maximum rate without triggering volume filters most commonly related to large ISPs, such as AOL or Yahoo.

Email Marketing Content Assistance

Informz offers a virtual inbox, allowing clients to test email rendering across over 30 different email clients (including mobile devices), as well as test against some of the toughest email spam filters.

Email Reputation Services

Informz provides a state-of-the-art email platform that lists all IP addresses with ISIPP’s SuretyMail Accreditation Service and is a ReturnPath Certification partner. These reputable services demonstrate to notify receiving systems that it is safe for them to recognize your email communications as authorized, requested email.

Email Whitelisting with Major ISPs

Informz is a “whitelisted” email marketing service provider, which helps our clients improve email deliverability and decrease the potential filtering of email marketing communications.

The key relationships and whitelist status Informz has established includes major ISPs such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outblaze, United Online, etc. and anti-spam organizations.

Email Bounce Processing

Nearly every email campaign results in some number of bounced messages. Informz rapidly analyzes bounces against hundreds of email delivery rules, properly classifying each bounced message and immediately taking appropriate action, whether it be opt-out, resend, or suspension of message delivery.

Blocked Email Review

Reviewing all emails that are returned or flagged as “blocked” by our sophisticated email marketing system, the Informz ISP Relations Team will actively confirm that your email is not mislabeled as spam.

Abuse Management

The Informz ISP Relations Team works on behalf of our clients to respond to spam complaints. If necessary, Informz will follow up with our email marketing clients to ensure compliance with policies and procedures, and, when appropriate, defend the validity of email list acquisition to anti-spam organizations or the company/email client.

The Basics of Getting Email Delivered

Tis’ the season for getting stuff delivered, especially of getting email delivered. Let’s say Santa delivers all of the presents to all of the appropriate houses. Sounds great, right? Well, what if he started leaving the presents in random places like your kitchen, your bathroom, and your garage. Not so great. Just because something is […]

“We’ve benefited from increased deliverability rates and have much more sophisticated tracking available to us now.”

Brittany Carter, Columbia Books