To successfully market an event, consistent communication is key. Email offers the ideal vehicle for engaging, informative, and cost-effective contact. Streamline event promotion, registration, and online payments when you use the Informz Events Module with our email marketing and marketing automation platform. Automate promotion emails and invitations, process online registrations, personalize communications, and review comprehensive analytics for in-person and online events.


Flexible Event Pricing

Establish different prices for early and late registrations, as well as registration for multiple events, with variable event pricing.

Online Payments for Registration

Collect online payment for event registration with Verisign® or Offer offline registration options such as as pay onsite, offline credit card payment, and invoicing for registrants.

Save Time and Money with Online Event Promotion

Cut down on costly postage and printing expenses traditionally associated with event promotion and registration. Send event announcements, invitations, registration reminders, and online registrations cost-efficiently and effectively.

Event-Triggered Email Messages

From event invitations and registration confirmations to follow-up surveys and communications, simply select publish times and your emails will be sent.

Registration List Customization

Make registration easy and organized! Set event registration start dates, participant limits, waiting lists, and more.

Event Promotion Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports on event attendees, registration options, and receipt of payments. Access real-time analytics during every state of event promotion and registration. Real-time reporting can also be integrated to write results back to your membership database with a seamless AMS or CRM integration.

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