Meet the Management Team

The Informz Management Team brings years of experience in diverse software development and engineering environments that has helped to create an innovative technology vision.

Joe Tyler
President & CEO

Mr. Change Agent

Terry Nawrot
Chief Operating Officer

Queen of Change and Process

Pat McGowan

Spreadsheet Data Model Guru

Joyce Wells
VP of Client Success

Plays to Win

Lori Ely
VP of Sales and Marketing

Get it Done

Peter Nelson
VP of Product

Music Maestro

Meghan Curtin
VP of Strategic Partnerships

Office Tomboy

Kristina Diman
Director of Human Resources

Culture Cultivator

Warren Blaisdell
Director of DevOps & SoftOps

Book Nerd

Sarah Kulp
Director of Product Integrations

Grand Poohbah of the Madison, WI Office

Darcy Wodzinski
Director of Client Success

Master Multi-tasker

Greg Robinson
Director of Security, Privacy and Compliance

"Fix It Greg"

Matt Shafer
IT Manager

King of IT Hill

Rene Zeh
Software Operations Manager

Kent Stanton
Software Development Manager

The Man(ager) of Software

Alex Mastrianni
Marketing Manager

Vivian Swertinski
Strategic Services Manager

Flower Garden Queen

Get to Know our Client Success Team

The Informz team of Advisors provide a level of support and industry expertise you simply won’t find anywhere else – and they’re also a great group of interesting people!

Carmina Velten
Client Advisor

Dedicated, Detailed-Oriented and Determined

Christopher Weaver
Client Advisor

Mr. Bow Tie Tuesday

Ashley Ryder
Client Implementation Specialist

Charismatic Culture Vulture

Greg Khaikin
Client Advisor

Almanac of Pop Culture Trivia

Shea Nunn

Ultimate Buffalo Bills Cheerleader

Nick Fredette
Client Advisor Coordinator

Perpetual Optimist

Courtney Ellis
Client Advisor Coordinator

Tea Sipping Yoga Novice

Alison Donato
Executive Advisor

Native Chicagoan

Amanda DeLuke
Deliverability Specialist

Happy Outdoors Woman

Carly Schiavone
Client Success Project Manager

Dark-haired, Dark-Eyed, Purple Loving People Pleaser!

Dan VanVranken
Client Implementation Manager

Connoisseur of Corny Jokes

David Moran
Australian Advisor

Uniquely Skilled, Rugged Professional

Jennifer Hockford
Senior Advisor

The Not-So Starving Artist

Laura Layton
Senior Advisor

Surrounded by Boys

Mark Pierro
Client Advisor

Wannabe Extra on Walking Dead

Justin Bills
CLient Advisor

Super Cool Nerd. No, Really!

Sherilyn Stack
Client Advisor

A Calming Force

Stephanie Poirier
Senior Advisor

Popcorn Enthusiast

Taryn Morrissey Buckley
Executive Advisor

Reigning Informz Wii Bowling Champion

Tracy Solarek
Executive Advisor

Hostess with the Mostest!

Meet the Sales Team

The Informz Sales team is here to show you how to take your digital marketing to the next level using Informz.

Ryan King
Sales Executive

518-691-0071 x248

Mitch Fohrman
Sales Executive

518-691-0071 x145

Mike Hurley
Sales Representative

518-691-0071 x249

Jillian Seward
Sales Development Rep

Queen of Quirky

Vanessa Voorhies
Sales Development Rep

Ryan Turcotte
Sales Development Rep

Ambassador of Quan

We're filled with amazing talent!

The full Informz team includes over 60 talented professionals including Digital Marketing Experts, Software Developers, Deliverability Experts and more. Interested in joining the team? Check out our current job openings.

“What has distinguished Informz is the customer service that Informz is committed to maintaining with its clients.”

Andrew Duncan, NHPCO