Learn how clients are using Informz to increase engagement, save time and increase revenue. Here's proof of our client's success:

  • AAAE increased early event registrations by 25% and brought in an additional $20,000. READ MORE
  • VHMA grew membership revenue by $18,000 and saw a 50% time savings. READ MORE
  • IASBO boosted event revenue by $20,000 and saw a 45% increase in attendance. READ MORE
  • TMA’s move to marketing automation resulted in a 313% increase in sales. READ MORE
  • AARC won back 800 members in 45 days. READ MORE
  • FAIA’s automated campaigns lead to 201% increase in engagement. READ MORE
  • NAADAC increased membership by 38% and list size by 72%. READ MORE
  • TIA implemented a targeted marketing plan resulting in a 32% increase in revenue. READ MORE

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Informz clients break down why they love Informz (think support, features, ease of use and results achieved).

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Get inspired by learning exactly how clients are using Informz for their digital marketing needs.

Client Testimonials

Informz clients highlight the main reasons they love using Informz to achieve great digital marketing results.