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Your Most-Asked Digital Marketing Questions, Answered

Carly Schiavone

One of the perks of attending a live webinar is the opportunity to ask questions.

We get a lot of great questions from attendees during our webinars. I compiled a few of the most-asked questions and consulted our team of marketing experts for their responses.

Q: Does the word “free” impair deliverability or trigger spam filters?

A: Several people asked this question on our subject line webinar earlier this year. This answer comes straight from our deliverability team:

Ultimately, it depends on your sender reputation. If a sender is reaching out to engaged recipients with no complaints, using an authenticated domain, the sending IP has a positive reputation, and there are no exposed URLs or URLs used that are blacklisted in the body of the email, then it is very likely that the email using the word “free” will reach the inbox with no issue.

However, if the sender has a bad reputation, it’s likely that using “free” is the last determining factor in classifying the message as spam.

Most emails that are received have some sort of spam score associated with them. The score determines if the message should be treated as spam. If the message’s spam score is minimal, then a spam trigger word may not be enough to classify the message as spam.

Q: What tools are available to find the email address of a visitor to your website?

A: Web tracking is such a powerful tool. With just a few small pieces of code, you can see how your email subscribers are interacting with your website. The goal of email is to influence an action or drive traffic to your website.

Think of the ways you can follow up with subscribers when you know what webpages they’ve visited and how they’ve interacted with those pages. You have full access to your subscribers’ interests, and you can send personalized and relevant content.

If you’re trying to collect email addresses or gain new subscribers, consider creating a landing page or using a form to collect data from interested visitors. Getting people to your website is half the battle – once you’ve done that, offer up an easy way for them to stay informed and connected.

After they’ve clicked a link in an email to visit your website, you can track their web activity.

Q: As an association with “older leadership,” what are the best ways to convince them investing in automation is necessary?

A: We covered getting buy-in during our webinar with AAAE, where we discussed their event campaign that generated $20,000 in revenue.

Marketing technology is more advanced than ever.  Automation is the here and now. People don’t just want personalized and relevant content — they expect it. As marketers, we need to meet and exceed those expectations.

To communicate effectively, we need to speak, listen, and respond. Traditional marketing channels allow us to speak, but not listen or respond. Automation tools allow us to listen to our audiences and respond with relevant content that keeps them engaged. The difference is mass communication vs. a highly-personalized experience. It’s all about integrating the tools you’ve already invested in ( your database, email, website), and maximizing their potential.

You need to focus on the why, share success other organizations are having, and paint a picture of possibilities. For more specific steps, check out this post.

To put this ideology into perspective, I took a look through my own personal email inbox. I happen to be knee-deep in planning my fall 2018 wedding, so my inbox is full of messages from vendors. Let’s be honest; it’s impossible to look through every single one. I’ve identified the places that are sending me relevant content, and therefore I am far more likely to engage with their emails.

For example, I won’t even bother to open the email titled “10 reasons to have a summer wedding.” Don’t they know I’m getting married in October?! I will, however, open the email titled “The fall 2017 collection has arrived.” I fully expect that vendor to follow up with promotions about certain dress styles or designers that I showed interest in.

Check back for more FAQs and helpful articles. Join an upcoming webinar and feel free to ask a live question or send us an email.

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