Email Design Tips for the Modern Marketer [Webinar Recording]

Chris Scavo

Email is the vehicle, not the destination.

What do you think of when you hear the words brand continuity? What organizations have done a great job building strong brand reputations? When I hear brand continuity I think about marketing messages that create a familiarity as well as set an expectation for what I am about to experience. Apple, Nike, Starbucks and other marketing giants are very purposeful in creating their brand recognition.

Brand continuity is what every marketer should aim for, regardless of how large or small the organization is. Because the reality is that every interaction an organization has with their audience is contributing to the brand’s reputation. The question is, are you being purposeful about what your building for your brand? Developing a consistent, recognizable identity across all marketing channels is essential for establishing brand continuity. Audiences give recognizable brands repeat business as long as the user experiences have been good.

Brand Continuity

Email is a powerful tool that can be utilized to reinforce the message of your brand. Your website has design elements that make it uniquely yours. Your emails should reflect this and leverage those unique design queues to create a visual connection with your audience. Whether you utilize bold colors, a lot of images, white space or even certain phrases, be your brand all of the time across all channels.

Design Trends

Marketers have seconds, if that, to make an impression that convinces the subscriber to continue reading the email. In most cases, design, not content, is going to be a major factor in this decision.

Gone are the days of long, text heavy newsletters. Today, emails need to provide the user important information, quickly. For example, many associations are moving away from long full content newsletters to newsletters that provide short snippets of articles with links to the full content.

Informz strategists, Chris Scavo and Vivian Swertinski, present, Email Design Tips for the Modern Marketer, to share real life examples of brand continuity tips and best practices for designing emails that drive engagement and revenue. Check out the webinar recording and slides to see specific examples of how organizations are effectively using images, shapes, and colors to engage audiences and drive conversions. Learn the details on how Texas Medical Association increased their non-dues revenue by 313%!

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