Drive Event Registration with Automated Campaigns [Webinar Recording]

Vivian Swertinski

Event organizers and marketers are under pressure to drive online and offline event registration – a task not meant for the faint of heart.

I recently hosted a 30-minute webinar, Drive Event Registration with Automated Campaigns, where I shared how two associations are using automated campaigns for events. The results are very impressive.

Check out the recorded webinar and view the slides to get the full details or read the abbreviated version of the webinar below.

Drive Event Registration with Automated Campaigns from Informz on Vimeo.

What would a 25% increase in conference registration mean for you and your organization?

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) used an abandoned shopping cart campaign to bring in more registrations. As a result, attendance numbers are tracking 25% higher and $20,000 in revenue can be attributed to the campaign!

Automated Campaign Increased Sales Revenue by 313%

Does your organization promote online courses? How would a significant increase in course registration impact your bottom line?

Texas Medical Association (TMA) switched to an automated campaign to send targeted continuing education offerings. As a result, TMA saw a 313% increase in sales revenue and uncovered prospecting opportunities.

Remarketing is a Game Changer

The key game changer for AAAE and TMA was the ability to remarket to highly targeted segments with intentionality and timeliness. Both organizations utilized Informz marketing automation tools to make the process effective and efficient.

Key Takeaways For Driving Event Registrations

  • Retarget audience segments that are most likely to convert
  • Create content around what’s needed to reach a decision
  • Implement intentional and timely outreach
  • Distribute content that supports and facilitates a conversion decision

Tip: Try including a justification letter in your event emails. Readers can download the letter and submit for business approval.

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Vivian Swertinski

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