7,000 Subject Line Tests Later [Webinar Recording]

Carly Schiavone

Ready to boost your open rates with the perfect subject line? Good, because we’ve got the data to help you do it! In 2016, Informz clients implemented over 7,000 subject line tests resulting in over 100 million emails sent as part of an A/B test. That’s a lot of testing! We knew there would be insight in all that test data and in yesterday’s webinar, we broke everything down.

We discussed the latest trends in subject line testing and key elements of top-performing subject lines. Check out the recording here or view the slides here.

Breaking Barriers

If you haven’t started testing yet, you’re not alone. Most people attribute a lack of time and simply not knowing what to test to their subject line limitations. In the webinar, we broke down quick and easy ways to begin testing.

Don’t let deliverability concerns prevent you from testing either. Building and maintaining your sender reputation with your unique IP address, and understanding how to avoid spam traps and filters will get your emails into those inboxes.

Top Trends

Personalization, emojis, dollar amounts, and urgency are just a few recurring themes in subject line testing – the trick is how to use them most effectively. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is basic first name personalization getting old? Check out your data to see what else your audience might respond to.
  • Does your organization have an anniversary coming up? Your reader might too. Use subject lines to celebrate special dates or membership milestones.
  • Not a retail company? You can still use the “abandoned cart” concept to entice people to come back or finish what they started.

Put Your Knowledge to the Test

You’ve broken the barriers and you know the trends. Here are our final words of wisdom: know what you want to test, be consistent, challenge the norm, and get creative. You’ve got this, and we have the tools to help you along the way!

Hint: Simple A/B testing can yield some great results, but take it to the next level with sample size testing, or send to winner. Go beyond the basic 50/50 split and get your best performing subject lines to a larger group of people.

Final words of wisdom: You can’t lose by letting your audience choose!

Ready for more subject line tips? Check back next week for our Best Subject Lines of 2016 ebook!

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Carly Schiavone

As Professional Services Project Manager here at Informz, Carly works with clients to help them achieve their email marketing objectives. Outside of work, Carly enjoys hiking the Adirondacks, award shows, and heaping portions of chicken parm.