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Association Email Event Promotion Metrics [Webinar Recording]

Vivian Swertinski

Associations are known for bringing audiences together. One of the most popular ways of doing this is through live events.

Email marketing is the primary channel to promote events and drive event attendance. Filling a venue with attendees is no easy task, and performance measurement begins as soon as the first email is sent.

Up to this point associations could compare their own results year-over-year, but lacked insight into what others were doing.

Marketers want to know how their strategies measure up to their peers and how their results compare. The catalyst for creating an association event email microstudy was to help find answers to these questions.

  • How does our promotional strategy line up to what others are doing?
  • How does our open and click rates compare to our peers?
  • What marketing channels are organizations using to promote large conferences?
  • How many months in advance do other organizations start promoting their event?

The microstudy analysis consisted of analyzing participant survey and email campaign data.

Since email campaigns vary in timing, duration and strategy based on the size and scope of the even, we divided the study into large and small events.

In this week’s webinar, Association Email Event Promotion Metrics Unveiled, we shared a first-hand look at the marketing channels and email promotional strategies used by their peers. Webinar attendees received a sneak peak of the study’s results (releasing in early October), and saw a sampling of creative content strategies.

Find out how your event campaign measures up overall; then examine results by promotional stage.

Promotional Stages of Event Campaigns

  • Request for Proposal – invitation to participate in creating content for the event
  • Save the Date – first announcement of event date and location
  • Early Bird – first opportunity to register for event
  • Open Registration – open enrollment at regular price
  • Special Discounts – registration offered at a reduced rate
  • Keynote/Sessions – elevate event content and value
  • Exhibit/Sponsor – communication to exhibitors and sponsors
  • Last Chance – final reminder to register for event

Check out the webinar recording and slides to compare open and click rates by promotional stage for your large and small size events.

Be on the lookout next week for the release of the full report or subscribe to the blog in order to have it delivered right to your inbox.

About the Author
Vivian Swertinski

As the Strategic Services Manager at Informz, Vivian partners with clients to maximize their digital marketing efforts with customized strategies leveraging the Informz marketing automation platform. Outside of work Vivian enjoys shopping, boating and volunteering her time to help disabled individuals in the community.