The Perfect Combo: Design and Content Done Right

Chris Scavo

Strong email design is not just about the appearance of your email in the inbox or on a mobile device. Your email can include video, beautiful images, and great calls to action, but if the user experience is not a consideration in your design, your email engagement rates could suffer. The marriage of design and the needs of your subscribers leads not only to a well-structured email, but the creation of more effective content that reinforces your organization’s message.

When you are thinking about the design of your email, take into account the content you are going to be including and how it can work within the structure of the template.

  • Will your stories include images?
  • Will the calls to action be clickable text, or buttons?
  • Will your email template be responsive on mobile devices, and how will that affect the appearance of your content?

Utilizing effective content that speaks to the individual has become essential for sustained subscriber engagement. Getting a subscriber to interact with your emails can be just as much about how you present the information as it is about the information itself. In order to stay engaged with how your subscribers are interacting with your content, test elements like your friendly from, subject lines, and the inclusion of preheader text. Every email you send is an opportunity to learn more about how your audience views your emails, and identify better ways to reach them.

Employing strong design techniques that compliments your content and creates a positive, effortless user experience can lead to higher engagement rates, increased content adoption, and overall more effective email marketing.

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About the Author
Chris Scavo

As a Product Marketer at Informz, Chris provides thought leadership through content generation, market analysis, and research. Outside of work, Chris participates in a number of dart leagues, enjoys golfing, and spending time with his wife and dogs.