Webinar: Hidden Gems in Informz

Andrea Zappone

Do you know what percentage of your subscribers are completely uninterested in opening your emails? I can show you where to find that number (and tell you what to do with those subscribers).

On the flip side, do you know who your superfans are? You know — those subscribers that are always opening, clicking and forwarding your emails?  I can show you where to find them. (In Informz, of course, I’m not allowed to take you to their houses.)

Did you know the Informz design team can convert your existing templates to responsive design? I can tell you about the successes other Informz clients have realized from converting. And if you aren’t thinking about responsive design yet, I highly recommend reading your newsletter on your mobile device. Can you easily click your call-to-action? Would it be easier if it was a responsive button?

If you’d like to learn more about these three items, join me for a webinar on Tuesday, July 15th at 2pm US EDT. We’ll also discuss seven more equally as exciting items, making it a grand total of ten. Ten Things in Informz You Didn’t Know, You Didn’t Know!

We’ve done this webinar once before, about six months ago. Based on your feedback, you said you wanted it to be more of a hands on demonstration – so that’s what you’ll get!  We live to serve.

See you soon!

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Informz

About the Author
Andrea Zappone

Andrea is the Client Sales Executive at Informz and has been with the company since April 2011. Andrea works with Informz clients to make sure they're getting the most out of their Informz partnership to find digital marketing success.