5 Tips for Membership Marketing on Social Media

Shayna McGroggan

Social media is a great place for community building and promoting brand awareness.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when your organization’s goal is to increase membership via social media.

1. Fans are great too!

Your goal is likely to “turn followers into members,” which makes sense. But don’t ignore followers that are “just” fans. A fan is a follower that likes and engages with your content, but is not a member.

There is value with these fans as they are likely to help increase your reach and brand awareness to other potential members. Their reach helps your reach.

2. Create a community for members and fans

A great way to attract members is to become an authority in your space. Your content should be helpful and enlightening, but membership does not grow from content alone. Humans are naturally social creatures; they want to interact with your brand, which includes your other followers.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Encourage any community growth that you see happening. For example, if members are discussing or debating topics together, that adds credence to your own authority.
  • Help conversations continue among followers in your comments section by chiming in and engaging with what they’re saying.
  • If sentiment is largely positive, encourage followers to post on your page or tag you in posts.

With a sense of community, followers are not just invested in your association’s brand: they are also invested in your vision and mission.

3. Give them something to engage with

It’s great to share informative resources, and throw out the calls to action for followers to become members, but you’ll only go so far with plain text posts or basic photos. You need assets for prospective members to engage with.

Consider the following:

  • Use polls or surveys to understand how your association is viewed by members or followers. Use those results to amplify the positive attributes of your association.
  • Create a contest that aligns the activity with your mission. A health-centric association could ask for video submissions on how to teach students about a topic. The winning videos could then become a reusable asset in future digital marketing campaigns.
  • Create memes using photos from annual events and chapter meetings showing current members enjoying the benefits your association brings. (I like to use the Canva integration in Informz Socializer for this.)
  • Link meaningful calls to action to shared content using a tool like Snip.ly.

Feeling like an active participant in your association’s brand increases that personal connection, which increases to the chances of turning a fan into a member.

4. Highlight member benefits and experiences

Your social media platforms are a great place for you to solicit your followers to become members, but don’t forget to tell them why. Highlight the most popular membership benefits in your outreach.

Members also want to know that other members are happy with what you are providing them. Ask existing members if you can tag them in posts or share their testimonials on your social accounts. Advocacy for your brand — coming from someone that is not employed by the organization — goes a long way with someone considering membership.

5. Nurture all interactions

Whether they are a fan or a member, your followers are likely to see your social media accounts as their direct connection with your organization. Your social accounts were likely put in place to promote your organization or mission, but they will likely take on some sort of service or support role as well.

Your goal may be promotion, but if anyone posts or messages you about a question or complaint, make sure to get on top of that quickly. Be timely, be upbeat, and be ready to help find a resolution or answer. Having a positive experience with your brand on social media strengthens positive sentiment with your association.

For example, if a newly minted member didn’t receive a resource or deliverable that was promised to them as part of their membership, they might reach out to you to you on social media for help. You may not have the ability to fix the problem for them, but you can acknowledge their issue and let them know that you will get the proper people in touch with them. Your followers don’t see a separation between the marketing department and social media, so you shouldn’t either.

As a social media manager, it’s your job to create engaging posts that are softly (or directly) selling membership. Keep these tips in mind as you’re creating your campaigns and you’re on your way for laying the foundation for great social media membership marketing.

Check out this guide for what to look for in a tool that will help you setup your social campaigns!

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Shayna McGroggan

As a Product Marketer for Informz, Shayna creates resources to raise user awareness and understanding of new features, and encourage product adoption. In her free time she writes and plays music with her drum-playing husband and loves being a fur-mom to her Yorkie.