Social media bogging you down?

Jillian DeGregorio

Developing, managing or setting up a social media strategy for your organization is critical for your social media success. Taking the time to be thoughtful in the planning and execution of your social media strategy will help you save time, focus content, and establish metrics to measure your success.

Here are some tips on focusing your social media strategy in a way that benefits your organization:


  • Think clearly about the social site that is right for your organization – do your research and establish the social site(s) that best meet your organization’s needs and accomplish organization goals.
  • Who or whom will help you meet your social media goals? Sharing responsibility for social posting with a team can help disperse some of the pressure for relevant, consistent and constant content. Make social posting a team effort and allow different perspectives to shine through your social channels. This will help attract different segments within your audience.
  • Create goals regarding your social media strategy and measure your success. It’s important to establish what you want to accomplish from your social media presence and reflect on the things you are doing well and the things that you can improve upon.

Content is Key

  • Social media success requires unique and consistent messaging from your organization. In planning your social media strategy, pick a number of social posts that you would like to accomplish daily (3-5 posts per day) and be strict in meeting that goal.
  • Think about how you will utilize social media to engage your followers – will you share video, post images, share tips or advice?
  • Think about content that is important to your organization and to your audience. Social messages are fleeting and can disappear from news feeds within seconds. Make sure the content you are posting is interesting enough to be shared, commented on or liked.
  • Two-way communication is implied when present on social sites; responding to social posts is a great way to deepen the relationship you have with your audience and promotes brand awareness.

How can Informz help further your social media strategy?

Informz recently added a new feature called Social Posting that allows you to integrate your social media efforts with your email marketing campaigns.

When the Social Posting feature is enabled within Informz, you can easily add your organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages to the account. This feature will allow you to create social posts when you are setting up a mailing and then when the mailing is published, so are your social posts (along with an online version of the mailing you created).

Once you have your Informz social accounts up and running, you will have the opportunity to use email marketing campaigns to help grow and engage your audience, share thoughtful and unique content, and, did I mention, the unique metrics that you can obtain from Informz reporting?

Measuring your success will help you find out more about your followers and help you contribute to your marketing goals. With Informz reporting you will be able to review detailed data regarding your social posting. For example, Informz reports will show you which subscribers shared your mailing, the social site they shared it on and number of clicks the post received. This data will help you track your social success.

What are you waiting for? Contact your eMarketing Advisor today and start integrating your social media strategy with your email marketing efforts. Not a current client? Please contact our sales team to learn more about Informz and how it can help support your organization’s goals.

About the Author
Jillian DeGregorio

Jillian is an eMarketing Advisor at Informz.