3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Social Media

Shayna McGroggan

You may not feel like there is any special reason to create accounts for your organization on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. but the truth is, you need to establish your brand’s presence somewhere on social media.

“Need” may sound like a strong word, but it’s true!

Whether you are an association, or retailer, or publisher, or whatever, the need is the same.

Here’s why.

Control the Narrative

First, it’s important to establish social accounts to avoid brand hijacking. Brandjacking is exactly what it sounds like — someone acquiring or assuming your brand’s identity online.

Since social media accounts are free, anyone can sign up for them. While some networks have policies and procedures in place to identify and shut down someone impersonating a brand, it still happens and it can be a nightmare to damage done by impostors.

Imagine bad information or inappropriate content being distributed to people who think that they are following your actual organization, and then having to do the damage control. Make sure that you are the one in control of the narrative of your brand.

Brand Awareness

Another big reason to be on social media is brand awareness. Even if your organization is on a tight budget, a free social account is absolutely feasible.

This platform can put your brand in front of the right audiences and entice interaction from them.

Your Audience is Already There

The main reason to be on social media though, is that your target audience, whomever they are, is already there. According to Statista, as of 2017, 81% of the US population uses social media.

They also estimate that there are 2.34 billion social media users worldwide. How many of your subscribers fall into those numbers? Probably a lot more than you think.

Today we live in a world where it’s common for someone to want to know something about your organization and do a quick search for your brand on a social media network to find the answer.

You Need Social Media

They expect to see you there, and they want to interact with you. Not taking advantage of that is an unnecessarily wasted opportunity to interact with your audience. So go out there and embrace a social solution!

If you’re on the hunt for a new social media management solution, check out this guide for what to look for in a tool.

how to choose a social media management tool

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Shayna McGroggan

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