Determining the Right Email Frequency

Alex Mastrianni

How many emails should I be sending? How much is too much email? How do I keep members informed and engaged while avoiding inbox fatigue? Every email marketer wants to know the answers to these questions. According to the 2014 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 70% of associations send 1–5 emails to members each month. The associations with the highest open rates also tended to fall in the 1–5 emails per month range.

Informz Client EDUCAUSE used a combination of analyzing Informz reports and sending surveys to members to determine the right frequency for their association magazine newsletter. They decided that by increasing frequency from once a month to twice a month, their content was receiving more coverage and engagement, and open and click rates were not harmed by increasing frequency. Read more about their story here.

Every audience is different, so look to your reports to guide your frequency questions. The Email Volume Report in the Informz Mailing Summary Report analyzes how many touch points you need to make to best engage your audience.

email volume report

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To view this report in Informz, go to the Mailing Summary Report > Analyze Subscribers> Email Volume.

For more reports like this that can help guide strategic marketing decisions, download your copy of Mastering Reporting for Smarter Email Marketing!

mastering reporting with smarter email marketing
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