Early Bird Emails Most Successful for Driving Event Attendance

Alex Mastrianni

When working with associations to develop the 2017 Email Event Promotion Microstudy, event size was an important consideration when discussing how events are promoted. Email campaigns vary in timing, duration, and strategy based on the size and scope of the event. Consequently, it’s difficult (and inaccurate) to compare a local, one-day event to your national […]

ISP Updates: Vodafone Email Closure and TWC Feedback Loop Discontinued 

Amanda DeLuke

There are two recent ISP updates and deliverability news email marketers will want to be aware of. Vodafone Email Closure Yes, another email closure. First Orange email, then Terra, and now Vodafone will close their email services on 30 November 2017. Vodafone, a New Zealand-based ISP providing mobile, broadband, and television services has decided to close their email service because of ongoing issues and their outdated platform. They have suggested that current email […]

Give Readers a Virtual Hug this Holiday Season

Alex Mastrianni

There is no better time to show your brand’s personality than during the holiday season. We’re not just talking about the December holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving are also occasions to have some fun and share thanks with your audience. Holiday emails are fun and playful, yet can still deliver the level of professionalism your audience expects […]

Over 40% of Emails are Opened on Mobile Devices

Alex Mastrianni

The 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report has the answers to every email marketer’s questions about how their email metrics compare to their peers’. One of the most important metrics highlighted in the report is results by email client type, or what type of client is being used to open emails — mobile, desktop, or Web. […]

Don’t Forget the Text Version

Alex Gorton

When it comes to crafting emails, we tend to focus on the highly visual HTML version since this can make the largest impact on our subscribers. Bright colors and fancy images are the easiest way to grab attention of course. But plain-text versions of email need love too. Through the course of building the email, […]