How the National Kidney Foundation Re-Engaged 13,000 Subscribers with Informz

Alex Mastrianni

Informz Success Story

Love Your Kidneys, a monthly enewsletter sent to over 300,000 subscribers by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), delivers news for patients and families on kidney health. When email metrics fell, NKF utilized Informz reports to identify unengaged subscribers and conduct a re-engagement campaign. The results? Over 13,000 subscribers with renewed interest and open rates that were 155% higher and click rates that were 14% higher than in the past.

Let’s see how they did it.


Love Your Kidneys was facing a below average open rate  of 11% month after month. By utilizing their Informz reporting tools, they also identified that 57% of the long-time subscribers (six months or more) had not opened or clicked on the newsletter in over 12 months.

“We recognized that some of our subscribers were no longer reading our emails and decided that we wanted to perform some type of list ‘clean up.’ At first, the thought of identifying and removing subscribers seemed overwhelming,” said Lindsey Kellman, Communications Manager, National Kidney Foundation.


In an effort to improve their enewsletter engagement rates, NKF enlisted the help of an Informz eMarketing Strategist. Together they developed a re-engagement plan to update subscriber preferences, gain feedback and remove inactive list members. The plan consisted of the following steps:

Dormant addresses

In an effort to reduce any extra noise and distract the subscribers from seeing the re-engagement emails, the inactive subscribers were temporarily not sent the enewsletter.

Three-step communication plan

Over a series of three weeks, emails were sent encouraging the inactive subscribers to update their preferences. In the email there was a sample of the newsletter, a survey and an opt-out link. As an added incentive to receive feedback, respondents were entered to win a gift card. Each consecutive email increased in urgency, informing the subscriber that if they did not opt-out or complete the survey, they would be removed from the list.


Using Informz Surveys, NKF created a brief, three-question survey to include in the emails to identify who wanted to continue to receive the newsletter and provide insight into the interests of these subscribers.

“The assistance of the Informz Strategy Team and the easy-to-use tools in Informz made the project simple to manage,” said Kellman.


At the end of the campaign, a total of 13,561 subscribers engaged in the email and/or survey and were not removed from the enewsletter. Of those that answered the survey, only five percent opted to be removed. The survey results also provided NKF with information that will be used in follow-up emails, such as interests that relate to other topic-related enewsletters that NKF offers, further customizing the subscriber’s experience. The most impressive result was the improvement and accuracy in the engagement levels. By removing subscribers that were not engaged and using data received from the survey, Love Your Kidneys saw a lift of over 150 percent in open rates and a 14 percent lift in click-thru rates.

“The great results speak for themselves! We will be using the feedback we received from subscribers to enhance Love Your Kidneys and expect to continue seeing great results,” said Kellman.

Looking Ahead

Overall, NKF took steps to identify and remove those that no longer found the enewsletter valuable. By doing this, these subscribers will be able to focus on other emails that come from NKF that they do find valuable. Survey results provide NKF with a guide to a future strategy in content development and customization.

To download your copy of the NKF Success Story, click here.

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