Only 8 weeks ‘til Giving Tuesday 2016

Chris Scavo

Here in Upstate New York, you can already feel the weather turning. Leaves are starting to change colors, nights are cooler, we have even had our first frost advisory. As much as these sunny, 70 degree days may try to fool us, there is no denying that it is fall and it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. With holidays though, comes planning.  Who is going to host? What does Timmy want for Christmas? What do we get for our parents? Where does my wife hide my new motorcycle (in my dreams, right?)

More than this, we should be including how we can help others and give back in all of our plans. The holidays are about family, spending time and giving unto others. Imagine what the season would be like if we put as much importance on Giving Tuesday as we do on Black Friday? Consider that according to, over 700,000 people donated more than $116M around the world in 2015 alone. Early predictions are that Giving Tuesday 2016 will far surpass those numbers. How will your association take part in this increasingly important day?

Despite it already being the first week of October, there is still plenty of time to put a strong plan in place to elicit support from your constituents. Campaigns could be as simple as reaching out mid-October, mid-November, the week of Thanksgiving and finally the Monday prior to Giving Tuesday.

As you put your campaigns together, here are some helpful items to consider:

Be “Appeal”-ing

When asking your members to support your charitable efforts, focus on the fact that they are joining you in supporting a cause. Craft your messages in such a way that it is about giving. With their help you can partner together to make a real impact. There is a big difference between “Please give today” and “Help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 this Giving Tuesday.”

Be Social

Social networks are a major component to a successful Giving Tuesday campaign, specifically Twitter. According to socialdriver, 98% of Giving Tuesday conversation happened on Twitter in 2015. Layering social strategy into your marketing campaign makes it that much easier to participate and give. It also  helps to increase the reach of your message.

Think Local

Most donations on Giving Tuesday support major, nationwide organizations. Supporting a national cause can be great because it affects a wider audience, however local efforts can be much more impactful. Use the data that you have on your subscribers to craft personalized, targeted messages that resonate with them on a local level. Reach out to advocates and drum up local support for efforts around their community.

Make it Easy

Donating should be easy. Think about how the Salvation Army is stationed outside of retailers. As a customer you see them as you enter the store, then as you are checking out and your wallet is open, maybe you set aside some money to deposit on your way out. Strategic planning is essential to make giving simple. Your emails should work the same way. Keep your messages focused on the cause and use large, colorful calls to action, such as a single “Donate Now” or “Join Us” buttons. You could even consider pre-coding amounts into your calls to action. This way the subscriber needs only to click on the button with the amount they would like to give. It would almost be more difficult not to give in those scenarios, making your Giving Tuesday campaigns that much more successful.

Alright folks, T-minus 8 weeks until Giving Tuesday 2016! Time to start strategizing and building campaigns that resonate with your audience.

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Chris Scavo

As a Product Marketer at Informz, Chris provides thought leadership through content generation, market analysis, and research. Outside of work, Chris participates in a number of dart leagues, enjoys golfing, and spending time with his wife and dogs.