3 Advanced Strategies for Email Marketing Warriors

Seth Carr

You’ve got a shiny new template and some fresh content with an irresistible subject line that is sure to result in lots of opens and clicks. You’re good at what you do as an email marketer, but don’t you want to be a warrior? Don’t you want to be the best around, like Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid?

Let’s talk about 3 advanced techniques (for warriors only) to use in your campaigns. They’re sure to benefit both your subscribers and your marketing team.

Give Your Readers “Freedom” With Preheaders

If you’ve ever seen the movie Braveheart, then you’re familiar with William Wallace who fought for Scottish freedom from English rule. You can give your subscribers their own taste of freedom with one simple enhancement to your templates – preheaders.

A preheader is an area to place text at the top of your email that complements your subject line. They’re especially useful when you have a large mobile audience. Preheader text is available in the preview pane of an email, meaning it can be viewed without having to actually open the message.

While the subject line of your email may be great, the preheader gives readers that nugget of wisdom they need before they’ll commit to reading it. Whether or not they open the message, offering preheaders saves subscribers time in deciding if they want to read about what you have to say.

Bend the Rules of The Matrix with Responsive Design

You’ve probably come to the realization like Neo from The Matrix that the rules of the physical world can be bent and sometimes broken in the digital world. Say hello to responsive design.

What if I told you that you could code a single template to render differently on different devices, based on the screen size of each device? This is happening right now all across the email universe and it’s awesome.

Responsive Design

Consider that if you have a substantial portion (35% or more) of your membership reading emails on cell phones and tablets, using responsive design will give them the best experience. If you’re not using responsive templates, the way your message renders for those mobile readers could leave much to be desired. Show them what a world without grainy images and horizontal scrolling is all about and go responsive today.

Test Your Subject Lines Like Iron Man Tests His Gear

In the movie Iron Man, the main character Tony Stark is relentless at testing and improving the high-tech equipment his alter ego uses. Email marketing warriors can take similar action with A/B testing.

Test subject lines. Test friendly-from addresses. Test personalizations. When you’re done running those tests, run more. Continuously refine your process with A/B testing to determine what keywords and other elements truly capture your audience’s attention. The fruit of your efforts will show its head in your reports in the form of greater engagement.

Having the discipline to apply any or all of these techniques will help you soar above the competition, just like Iron Man.


About the Author
Seth Carr

As an eMarketing Advisor at Informz, Seth arms his clients with a variety of email marketing best practices that help them deliver timely, engaging content to their subscribers. Outside of work, he likes to write creatively and yell at the television during football season.