Client Success Story: National Kidney Foundation

Alex Mastrianni

This week we hosted a webinar and released a new case study about how the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) embarked on a re-engagement campaign to increase their below-average open and click-thru rates in their monthly enewsletter. The campaign  resulted in an increase in open rates by 155% and click-thru rates by 14%, and the re-engagement of over 13,000 subscribers!

Miss the webinar? No problem. You can watch the recording here.

During our webinars, we’re always tweeting out tips and tricks from the session. Here are some you might have missed:

  • Want to re-engage subscribers? Great! But, don’t just jump in — a strategy is a must!
  • Step 1 – use your reports to discover inactive subscribers. Step 2- dormant subscribers. Step 3 – encourage preference updates!
  • Don’t be afraid to dormant your ‪#email subscribers who are inactive. They won’t notice if they haven’t been opening your emails.
  • Use incentives to encourage ‪#email subscriber feedback and participation in your surveys.


Check out the newest case study in this week’s edition of The Informal and learn how NKF used Informz reports to identify long-time subscribers that were not engaging in their enewsletter!

Do you have a client success story to share? Let us know!

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Alex Mastrianni

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