Advice for the Modern Marketer: How to Explain What You Do

Amie Perrott

Marketers are hard at work trying to make things happen for their organizations.

It can be challenging when it comes to explaining exactly what you do to non-marketers. It’s even harder to illustrate the blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes literal tears) that you invest in your work.

For a digital marketer, “What do you do again? You spam or stalk people?” is something echoed around the dinner table during holidays and special events.

Since barbecue season is here, think beyond your 60-second personal networking commercial – it simply doesn’t work with the family crowd.

Trust me — I’ve tried. It only takes five seconds for Uncle Jimmy to interrupt and ask me to pass the butter to get out of the conversation.

Not many at your family and friend shindigs understand A/B testing, opt-ins, ABM, marketing automation, retargeting, segments, deliverability, copywriting (okay, this one maybe) and content marketing.

In fact, they might guess that landing pages are something only used in the aviation world and that optimization is a robot character in the newest Netflix release.

So, here are a few simple conversation enhancers you can try when it’s time to explain what you do.

To put it simply, digital marketers help their organizations achieve their missions by engaging their audience.

Dos and Don’ts

Good email marketers DON’T:

  • Spam and send mass e-blasts to any email that we can get our hands on.
  • Just sell, sell, sell with nothing valuable to offer. (FYI, those triggered emails you receive after you’ve done something are email marketing).
  • Sit around reading all day. Well, perhaps we do a little bit of that to stay updated on the latest news, industry news, marketing trends and best practices, email design trends, HTML best practices, subject line tips, preheader inspiration, button wording, copy ideas, multi-variant testing best practices and inspiration, open and click rate benchmarks, deliverability best practices and updates, and marketing automation best practices and inspiration to name a few.

Good email marketers DO:

  • Collect and analyze data on individual subscribers and their behavior to identify what content will be valuable and relevant, and then we email a custom message to that specific target audience.
  • Email marketing is about engaging your audience and solving problems. We tell stories, share information and create relationships.
  • Email marketing is generally tied to sales/membership/fundraising/insert industry lingo, BUT the goal is to identify a good fit and solve a problem.

Most email and digital marketers must be:

  • Data driven. The explanation will be too long for this, but numbers from email opens, to conversions and revenue drive EVERYTHING.
  • Able to write for short attention spans. Email, social, and landing pages need to be short and concise.
  • Collaborative and open to change. There’s a need to work with many departments and personality types to get the job done.
  • Driven to do more with less. More change and engagement is always the goal, but there’s never enough time.

The Modern Marketing Team

The marketing team is an integral part of an organization’s push to increase engagement and achieve goals. The marketing landscape — especially email marketing — has changed and now a lot lies on the marketing department.

A modern marketing team looks different from how it did even 10 years ago. A dream team of sorts is needed to obtain goals. It’s not an easy process as a team member because roles change constantly to keep up with the evolving landscape.

Get a copy of Build a Modern Marketing Dream Team for more insight on how a successful marketing team operates in today’s ever-changing world. And keep sharing with the world what we’re doing!

Build a Modern Marketing Team Team

About the Author
Amie Perrott

As a Marketing Specialist at Informz, Amie plans, executes and analyzes email marketing campaigns for the marketing department. She loves the hunt of finding just the right subject line, CTA or preheader (and secretly takes unsubscribes to heart). Outside of work, she's enjoying (or fighting) the battle of raising a very assertive toddler.