So, what is Informz Web Tracking anyway?

Lori Ely

You’ve been hearing the buzz about our newest feature, Informz Web Tracking – but you’re wondering, what the heck does “web tracking” mean exactly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hence this post.

But, first, let me tell you…This. Is. A. Game. Changer.

Why, you ask? This is where you take the leap from batch and blast email marketing to strategic, behavior-based digital marketing.

Ok, too dramatic? Basically it’s going to help you do more sending of the right message at the right time. Plus, for those of us that aren’t Google Analytics masters – it gives all that key info about who’s visiting what on your website in the Informz-style reports you know and love (a.k.a super easy-to-read and share.)

And the real beauty — and this is where it gets really cool — there is the concept of “known” visitors. That means that if someone has clicked on an email from you, you will be able to track their web behavior at the individual subscriber level. I’m going to explain this more, but trust me, it’s really cool.

Let me break down some of the features of Informz Web Tracking and give you some ideas on how to use it.

Targeting with Web Tracking

Informz Web Tracking allows you to track three types of activities that occur on your website:

  • Pageviews – visits to individual pages.
  • Page Interactions – interactions on your site – such as filling out forms, playing videos, downloading whitepapers or anything that you can control with Javascript.
  • Online Purchases – ecommerce transactions such as membership renewals, certification or bookstore purchases, or apparel.

Now because we have can tie an email address with web activity (remember the cool stuff about known visitors above?) this is where the targeting comes in. Now you can create target groups based on this web tracking data to be used in emails and campaigns. So you can trigger an email or entry to a campaign based on if someone visits a certain page on your website, watches a video on your website, or makes a purchase from you.

That gives you the ability to personalize the content and timing of your emails. For example, if someone watches a membership video on your website, send them an email a few minutes later with a special introductory member discount. They’re interested and you’re top of mind – so that well-timed email just might get you the conversion you’re looking for.

If someone purchases an item from your bookstore, send them a triggered email with other items they might like, such as a related course or next level book.

See, I told you it was cool.

Scoring with Web Tracking

Email Data + Website Data + Database Data = Real Insight into your Audience

Earlier this year, Informz introduced engagement and lead scoring to our Marketing Automation Suite. Now you can add Web Tracking data to your scoring model to get some real insights on engagement levels.

I love scoring because it’s such an easy way to see the health of your audience’s engagement. When you combine this data into your scoring model, this is the type of thing you can bring to your staff meetings or board meetings and look like a hero.

For example, what does you most engaged member look like? (Seriously, go and look at a handful.) The one you would never have to worry about renewing? They probably volunteer on a committee or two, attend multiple events, read most of your newsletters, check the event page on your website and post in your online community. Well, take each of those items and build your “A” level (the highest score).

Now what do those members in the “danger of not renewing” zone look like? They probably never attend events, don’t open or click emails, don’t make purchases, etc. Take that and build your “D” level (low score). Then go back and build your “B” and “C” levels with the moderate engagement activities. Most people will probably end up falling into these categories.

Now let that scoring engine run “behind the scenes” while you work your marketing magic. Check the reports routinely and you’ll be able to see how engaged your audience is with you both digitally and in person. You can even track “change in score” to see those people that fall from an “A” to a “C,” for example. Of course, you can use this for targeting too! So change in score could trigger a special re-engagement campaign. Cue the choir singers now…

Reporting with Web Tracking

Ok, we made it to reporting. Now I love this because I am not an expert in Google Analytics (although we do use it and others are). The reporting gives me an easy way to see overall website performance at a glance and share it with my team. Things like sessions, page views, top search engines used, average duration and more. I can even track online purchases and drill down to individual pages – or pages I’ve grouped together with “Page Tags.” It gives me an easy way to “jump in” and get stats on the new landing page we just created for an event without needing to rely on anyone else. The best part is, Informz always presents the data in a super easy to read way (lots of visuals) and it makes spotting trends – or issues – really simple. For all you fundraisers out there, it’s also a great prospect research tool so you can uncover the people that are most active with you online and add them to your pool of potential donors. Check out this screen shot from the Web Tracking Overview Report and see what I mean:


Ok, now who’s excited about this Web Tracking stuff?! If you want to get started contact us for a demo or reach out to your eMarketing Advisor today! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Lori Ely

Lori is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Informz. Outside of work you can find Lori chasing around her young sons.