Keeping a membership growth streak going with marketing automation

Alex Mastrianni

What if you could expand the reach of your communications and spread the value of membership and importance of your organization to non-members? What if this expanded reach lead to a huge increase — we’re talking nearly 50% — in membership?

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, did exactly that. With a revamped communications strategy and an integrated communications plan, NAADAC was able to increase membership by 48% in one year’s time. Last week, NAADAC shared their story on an Informz webinar, and spoke about their plans for continuing their membership growth streak using marketing automation.

Keeping the Momentum Going

A 50% increase in membership is nothing to sneeze at, but the potential for an even larger increase was still there. Knowing that the majority of names on their email list were non-members, NAADAC is in the process of shifting their strategy to ensure meaningful first impressions with new audience members, and marketing automation is a clear fit for this tactic. But before they could automate campaigns, they first had to define who they were communicating to so they could ensure relevancy and make the most of each and every touchpoint with potential members. That’s where Cathy Counselor came in.

Creating “Cathy Counselor”

Misti Storie, Director of Training and Professional Development at NAADAC, worked with Viv Swertinski, Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist at Informz, to conduct a detailed examination of NAADAC’s audience. With such significant membership growth, it was important to reevaluate their current member base to make strategic decisions about future communications. Are they a homogeneous group, or are they made up of vastly different groups of people? What are their primary job functions? Do they have similar work settings? What motivates them to work in the addiction field?

Once they put themselves in the shoes of their members, Viv and Misti developed Cathy Counselor. This persona is a fictional representation of a very real audience. Naming her helps humanizing her. We know that Cathy Counselor:

  • Needs to be kept informed of the latest news and breakthroughs regarding addiction recognition, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Has likely had a personal encounter with addiction and may be a recovering addict herself.
  • Is passionate about giving back and helping others.
  • Needs access to economical, quality education services.

Understanding the counselor persona will help NAADAC tailor communications that speak directly to her and illustrate the value of membership that will help her reach her personal and professional goals.

Automating Campaigns

With Cathy Counselor’s persona and so many non-member names being added to NAADAC’s database as a result of their educational programs, NAADAC is armed and ready to automate campaigns that will help acquaint prospective members to the services offered by NAADAC and the value of membership. NAADAC has setup a welcome series of five emails, triggered over the course of a few weeks, to welcome prospects to the community, alert them of advocacy and educational opportunities, share membership benefits, and ultimately encourage membership.

This strategic plan has NAADAC on the right path to keep their membership streak going strong.

How to Attract, Nurture and Retain Members with Strategic Communications

To hear Misti and Viv share their plan on last week’s webinar, watch here!

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