Automated Membership Welcome Campaign Outperforms Open Rates by 257%

Alex Mastrianni

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Like many membership-based organizations, ASM International was having difficulties retaining first-year members. Even though ASM International provides its members with top-notch benefits, only 50 percent of first-year members were renewing their membership.

ASM International members renew on their anniversary, which makes the task of managing welcome and renewal messages difficult. In the past, staff at ASM International would send a printed membership packet to each new member, including a welcome letter and marketing materials to promote ASM’s member benefits. The packets cost approximately $30,000 to create and send each year. Additionally, new members receive regular marketing emails promoting member benefits such as association events, resources and discounts.

To remedy their membership challenges and create efficiencies for their team, ASM International implemented an automated membership welcome campaign. Learn how this automated campaign has outperformed their average email open rates by 257% and cut $30,000 from their budget.

Creating an Automated Program

The ASM International staff recognized the need to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their membership marketing program. In an effort to increase renewal rates, they decided to implement a multi-phase email program to welcome new members and demonstrate the value of membership on an ongoing basis. Taking advantage of the integration between their member database and email marketing platform, they created a fully-automated campaign. Every day an email is triggered based on a member’s join date to welcome new members and promote their member benefits and resources.

After the initial welcome email, mailings are sent out at intervals of 7/30/90/180 days. Each email focuses on different specific benefits, so as not to overwhelm the new member. With this highly-targeted content, the team hoped to earn strong open rates and increase members’ use of their membership benefits and resources. Mark Barton, ASM International Membership Director, says, “The goal is to keep members for life, and email helps communicate the benefits as soon as possible, and hopefully prevents the trashing of invoices.”

Reveling in the Results

The triggered email series outperformed the open rates of ASM’s enewsletter by 47% and other marketing emails by an impressive 257%. This can be attributed to the highly targeted content and timing of the emails. “The goal is to keep these first-year members for life,” Barton says. As an added benefit, by reducing the new member welcome mailings sent via postal mail, ASM saved approximately $30,000 in yearly mailings costs.

“The seamless integration between my database and the Informz email platform, coupled with the automated email feature, has allowed me to create emails that deliver results while also saving us time and money. Every day I have several targeted, high-performing emails going out that don’t require any staff intervention. It doesn’t get much better than that!” said Barton.

Looking Ahead

Leveraging ASM International’s integrated email marketing platform does not stop with membership. Taking advantage of the cleaner data and assurance that the right message will be sent to the right person is opening up many doors. The association plans to start utilizing triggered mailings based on member and nonmembers’ behaviors, ranging from new purchases to actions done within an email. Overall, the goal is to spend more time on member satisfaction, and that is achieved by delivering what the member wants when they want it.

To download your copy of the ASM International case study, click here.

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