8 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

Lori Ely

You’ve heard the buzz about marketing automation. And it’s true — implementing marketing automation can lead to some really cool results. But do you need marketing automation?

If you’re on the fence about how it’ll change the way your team operates and drives results, ask yourself if you’re faced with some of these challenges. If so, maybe it’s time to consider marketing automation.

Looking for better segmentation capabilities

You are struggling to find ways to segment your audience with only first name, last name, and email address.

With Marketing Automation
Expand your segmenting and target based on personas, location, predictive analytics, and behavioral data – like website visits, form submits, social media and online community activity, and much more.

Have no way to prioritize leads

Without a way to identify key people – whether it’s interested sales leads or disengaged members or donors – you have no way to notify your sales team or retention/engagement team for personal follow up.

With Marketing Automation
Enable your sales, events, or membership teams to hit goals by providing insight into the most important individuals to contact. Lead scoring allows you to setup the model that matters to your team. Prioritize your entire audience and send notifications to staff or marketing campaigns to individuals.

Little insight into marketing ROI and key metrics like conversion rates

You have no easy way to track key metrics to allow you to plan better or prove the value of your marketing efforts. There is no tracking or place, or you are using several applications that don’t talk to each other, so you need to manually track performance.

With Marketing Automation
Easy-to-read reports make it simple to track campaign KPIs. You know where your leads are coming from and what your benchmarks should be. Now you can tie dollar amounts to key conversion points.

Tons of good content but no good way to distribute it or track performance

All of your content is sent in a standard way to everyone and you’ve been doing it that way for years – but you feel like much of your content is not being found.

With Marketing Automation
Create email campaigns based on lifecycle stage, scoring models, or audience behavior so that you can target individuals with the right content at the right time. This extends the shelf life of your content and increases the reach. Marketing automation also gives you an easy way to building landing pages with forms so you can gate content and generate leads.

Worried that people that aren’t ready to buy, donate, or join right now will slip through the cracks

You don’t properly segment and nurture people that aren’t ready to convert to customer, donor, or member yet.

With Marketing Automation
Create easy-to-use lifecycle campaign templates and automate emails to nurture your audience and keep your brand top of mind until they are ready to convert.

Using several different applications that don’t integrate

You have many different tools that don’t talk to each other, so you find yourself doing many manual tasks – like exporting and uploading of lists. Or there are some things you just can’t do.

With Marketing Automation
Integrate your CRM or AMS, email, website, social media and online community together to get a 360-degree view of your audience. Improve efficiency, create more effective targeting, and better report on ROI.

Small team and need to make marketing and communications efforts more efficient

You find that your team is slowed down by manual, repetitive tasks – like list building or creating landing pages. Every time you have a new campaign, it feels like you are recreating the wheel. You’re left with little time to focus on new strategic initiatives.

With Marketing Automation
Free up staff time by utilizing pre-created templates for campaign and landing pages. Create re-usable workflows for things you do all the time like events, webinars, email marketing, and more. You can even trigger communications based on the actions people take.

Think you are sending too much email

Without a way to prioritize and segment your audience, everyone gets treated the same way regardless of quality or stage. You question if you are over-emailing your audience.

With Marketing Automation
Evaluate and score people, creating workflows that target messages with the right content at the right time. Don’t blast everyone in your database. Other capabilities include the ability to personalize send time based on open time history, set rules for recency and frequency or messages, and allowing individuals to manage their own preferences.

There is so much that marketing automation can do for your organization. Check out this guide, Become a Marketing Automation Machine, for more information, inspiration, and how-to templates.

About the Author
Lori Ely

Lori is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Informz. Outside of work you can find Lori chasing around her young sons.