4-Step Strategy for Recruiting Lapsed Members

Alex Mastrianni

Like most organizations, the American Association for Respiratory Care’s membership levels didn’t plummet overnight. They had telltale signs that things weren’t moving in the right direction.

For AARC, it had been a bit of a balancing act. Membership had been flat year-over-year until the number of lapsed members outpaced new member registration.

Not unlike a medical situation, when things take a turn for the worst, the first priority is always stabilizing the patient. In this case, the membership needed stabilization.

The executive director at the time specifically said, “I’m bleeding members. Can you help me stop the bleed?!”

Stabilizing Membership Numbers

We had two ways we could go with this. We could focus our efforts on recruitment and usher new members in through the front door. Or we could turn our attention to the folks that had once done business with us.

Frankly, there wasn’t time to cultivate and nurture new members. There was an important board meeting coming up and AARC needed to change the trajectory of the membership.

AARC had not done a lapsed member campaign before, so we were starting from the ground up, which was a good thing.

Too often, once a decision is made to do a lapsed member campaign, the next question is: how fast can we get this out?

This is not a campaign to be rushed out the door. Resist the temptation to throw together a message and hope for the best.

4-Step Strategy

For AARC, we believed we had only one shot at this, so we had better get it right. A thoughtful strategy was an absolute must.

If you find yourself in a predicament similar to AARC’s, consider using the same four-step strategy we used with AARC.

Download this tip sheet to see the exact steps taken to pique lapsed members’ interest with a customized, creative, and well-thought out strategy.

After all, that’s how AARC renewed over 800 members in 45 days. That’s over $64,000 brought back to the organization!

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