11 Reasons to Attend the Informz Users Conference

Kate Jones

It is pretty clear that we are extremely excited about the Informz Users Conference coming up in November. Want to know who else should be excited? YOU! I wandered around the Informz office to ask my colleagues why the Informz Users Conference is a must attend event.

chrisThe Informz Superfan Summit is THE place to learn about how to maximize the power of the Informz platform. With product workshops, new feature announcements and access to Informz experts from all specialties, there is no better event you could attend this year.  

– Chris Scavo, Digital Marketing Strategistjoe

Engage with fellow Informz users and learn about their processes, workflow, organizational structure and marketing techniques. 

– Joe Tyler, CEO


Marketing Automation! Attending the summit is a great way to learn more about this next generation digital marketing product. You get a chance to learn about all the super cool features, discuss different tactics, and see firsthand the way actual associations are using this fantastic product.

– Justin Bills, Advisorsherilyn

Last year’s selfie contest was a huge hit! Wait until you see what we have planned this year! Join us in our commitment to learning. We guarantee you’ll be inspired!

– Sherilyn Stack, Advisor


The user conference offers sessions by Informz clients to share how they are using Informz. Increase your efficiencies by connecting with other Informz users to learn best practices and helpful features. Likely there are features available to you that you’re not using.  

– Tracy Solarek, Executive Advisor


The reason I like to attend events like this (and keyboard camps!) is because it allows me to develop a new perspective on something. A different way to look at things. Once you have a new perspective, then you add in all of the “how to’s” and approaches to help move that new perspective forward.

– Peter Nelson, Director of Product Adoption


Just as iron sharpens iron, you need to be in the presence of those that ignite new ideas and inspire you to reach new heights. Be the hero that brings back new perspective for growing and sustaining audience engagement. 

– Vivian Swertinski, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist


Our clients appreciate our Superfan Summit because it gives them new skills to help then accomplish their marketing goals.  In addition to learning about system tips & tricks, we have great sessions that revolve around some real challenges associations have – such as increasing your non-dues revenue!

– Ryan King, Sales Executive


We will all walk away with some great insights. Clients will get to educate themselves in areas of strategy, design, upcoming features, and best practices; Informz gets to see new sides of the client perspective.  

– Kevin Allen, User Experience Analyst


Amazing – Hands on work shops for iMIS clients.

– Jennifer Hockford, Senior Advisor


Oh and last but not least, did you hear about the 8.5 CAE credits you can earn?? Oh yes, the cherry on top of the sundae!!

What is your top reason for attending the Informz Users Conference? Let us know in the comments.

Aren’t registered yet? Today’s the day to get your name on the list! There’s no more time to procrastinate, early bird registration ends September 5th!!

Informz Users Conference

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