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Everything you need to know about Informz for iMIS

Sarah Kulp

Email marketing and marketing automation — tools that streamline your processes and create efficiencies for your organization — become even more powerful when they’re integrated with your member management software. An integration allows you to avoid the time consuming task of extracting and uploading lists. It also gives you laser accurate targeting and list segmentation without needing to understand any architectural complexities that underpin your software.

Being able to generate a list of active members of a certain type or category, or a list of those members who attended or plan to attend a certain event all without needing to run a query in one system, and then upload it into another, are just a few of the benefits you can get from being integrated with Informz.

The Informz for iMIS integration is one of the most widely-used of all of the integrations Informz offers. Much like fine wines and cheese, this one keeps getting better with age. There are so many features, tips, and tricks that it can be hard to remember them all, let alone fully leverage them to positively impact your efficiency and ROI. So help us to help you and attend the iMIS technical session at the 2015 Informz Superfan Summit. We will take a deep dive into all aspects of the integration, paying particular attention to newer areas like “Recurring SQL View Transactional Mailings” and the “New” Data format replacement. We will also talk about things other clients have done that you might find beneficial at your organization.

Maybe you are new to Informz and/or new to iMIS and are thinking “I just want the basics.” Don’t be afraid, we will cover those too, because everyone benefits from refreshers. So come ready with your question and suggestions and join the conversation with us in November. Informz Superfans, register here!

About the Author
Sarah Kulp

Sarah is the Director of Software Operations at Informz, she and her team get to work closely with all areas and departments of Informz helping to answer questions and share how things are supposed to work. In her spare time, Sarah can be found with her husband and 3 crazy, precocious daughters rooting for the New England Patriots, taking pictures, hiking, or just chillaxing playing board games.