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Staying on Trend: Top Informz Updates of 2016

Kate Jones

Our goal here at Informz is to help our clients make the most of their email communications so they can connect and engage with their audience. To make this happen, we are continuously making changes and updates based on client feedback and industry trends. We made A LOT of updates and changes in 2016 and here are our top Informz updates that will help take our client’s digital marketing to the next level.

Marketing Automation


Landing Pages

We worked with early adopter clients in 2016 to take our new landing page feature from good to great. When this rolls out (in just a few weeks!), clients will be able to easily create landing pages within Informz to host content and forms. The pages are easy to build and allow you to customize the design for a mobile version to keep it looking sleek on smaller screens.

Whether you’re building an email or a landing page, your organization’s branding will remain consistent, giving your audience the familiar look and feel that they expect from your communications.

Targeted Sending


Two target sending areas we are super amped about? Send Time Localization and Zip Code Radius Target Groups. These are a game changer for sending targeted personalized communications! As a note, both of these features are currently available within our Informz for iMIS integration.

Send Time Localization

This feature allows you to look up subscribers’ US Zip Code in the iMIS database and correlates it to the time zone and preferred mailing publishing time. This will land your emails in your audiences’ inbox when they are likely to read it. For example, if you send a mailing at 9:00 am EST your mailing will be delivered at 9:00 am for those in their specific time zone instead of 6:00 am PST for west coast subscribers.

Zip Code Radius Target Groups

This feature made our marketing team positively giddy! It allows you to create a target group (mailing list) based on a Zip Code Radius. You can enter a zip code and a specified radius and Informz will create a target group of subscribers within that radius.

How can this be used? There are so many opportunities, one obvious example is for a tradeshow registration email. You can send an email to those who are within driving distance of the tradeshow location and invite them to sign up. Make it personal by suggesting they drive right over to the show!



You know that handy webinar software called GoToWebinar that everyone uses for hosting and watching webinars? Well, now there is an integration that connects Informz with GoToWebinar. Better yet, the integration creates email target groups for registrants, attendees, and registrants who did not attend so you can send emails specific to what each particular audience member needs! Yes, that means saving time in your last chance and follow up emails!!

We are so happy that these features are out for our Informz clients to take advantage of. What’s even more exciting? It’s now 2017 and we have a whole list of new features and enhancements we are working hard to bring you. Get excited, folks, it’s going to be a great year!

Interested in more Informz feature details? Check out our products page here.

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