Tips for Soliciting Gen Y Donors from a Gen-Xer

Meghan Curtin

One of the integral parts of the 51st Annual AFP Conference in San Antonio, Texas conference came on Monday morning when I learned about the essence of fundraising and the seven tenets through an inspirational, fun and interactive show.

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The tenets of fundraising were explained to the audience as:

  •  Stories
  • Connection
  • Inspiration
  • Conversation
  • Engagement
  • Belonging
  • Inspiration

The common connection among all these tenets is that fundraising done well is only as good as your story. Storytelling is the substance that fundraisers need to be more and take things from mediocre to memorable.

One of the most cost effective and measurable means for an organization of any size to convey their stories is through the use of email marketing.  For organizations that are trying to attract the Gen Y donor here are two quick tips to add to your email marketing initiatives specifically for this generation.

 1.  Go Social

Since the power of the Gen Y group is their social network, it is vital that your emails allow these readers to instantly share your message on their own social network. It is vital to remember to include a call to action to remind them. These can include things like “share this,” “spread the word, please,” “get your early-bird event tickets,” etc. From there, track who is doing the sharing, on what social network and how many friends of that reader went on to engage with your message. Learning who are your consistent social ambassadors empowers you to proactively embrace those that are sharing your mission and creating a successful network of volunteers, helpers, donors, etc.

2.  Go Mobile

Did you know that 60% of Americans own a smartphone and that email is the top activity on the smart phone? Gen Y is all about the mobile device. To that end, organizations need to take the time to optimize their emails for the mobile device because many are no longer waiting to read their email until they get home to login to their computer to make a donation, volunteer etc. If they can’t act on impulse and take action on the spot when they have a moment on their device, they are likely going to forget or not make the effort. There are very simple measures you can take. Navigation tools such as larger buttons, bigger font for call to action links and emails that scan-able contribute to a better small screen experience. Responsive design, another hot topic, makes the experience even better for mobile readers.

Informz has vast experience helping non profits create test and deploy email campaigns with impact. I would welcome the opportunity to help you learn more. Join us on April 15th at 2pm EDT for a webinar dedicated to the non-profit community where we will expand on these tips and offer more.

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Meghan Curtin

As the director of sales, Meghan drives revenue and strategic partnerships for Informz. In her spare time, she enjoys running, being a mom to two busy, sports-minded girls, and eating Cheez-It’s.