Making your Automated Fundraising Campaign a Success

Jennifer Hockford

Fundraising campaigns are so crucial to an organizations’ success. A lot of times, your organization is depending on a campaign to provide funds to help you achieve your mission.

Revenue-driven campaigns are ones you simply cannot afford to “just get out the door.” They require thoughtful planning and execution.

As an Advisor here at Informz, I often get asked by clients to provide some suggestions on their automated fundraising campaigns.

I think the best place to start is with a quick brainstorming session. Get stakeholders in the room and hash out some of these questions:

  • What are your goals for this campaign? Are you recruiting donors, focused on bringing in money, or general marketing?
  • The mechanics: what do you have set up already, like an email template, donation form, social channels, etc.
  • Analyze what you have done in the past. What worked and what didn’t?
  • Plot out the campaign timeline on the calendar.
  • When some donates, what happens next? What is their experience as a donor?

One Template Does NOT Fit All

I always recommend a customized responsive template for fundraising campaigns. It is well worth the investment. After all, don’t you want your email to be shared to maximize the donations you collect?

Our Digital Marketing Lookbook is a great place to start for inspiration. This example from Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind is for a fundraising campaign.

Guide Dog Foundation Fundraising Template

I love this example for a few reasons. The design is clean and look at the bottom footer location — custom call to action links mirroring the website!

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Twice

Begin with a quick look at the past. Your reporting and analytics tools will be your best friend here.

In Informz, I like the Mailing Summary Reports and Mailing Comparison Report to identify how successful mailings for this or a similar campaign preformed in the past.

This will answer questions like:

Planning and Timing

An editorial calendar for the campaign will keep internal folks organized. Informz has a great built-in calendar feature that you can share out with other departments. I love it.

You have your mailing created and the timeline for the campaign, now you want to set this up. The whole goal is to thank and recognize people who have donated. You want to find the nice balance in messaging to nurture people who show interest and treat unengaged subscribers separately.

Kicking it Off

Congrats — you’ve done the hard work, now let’s get this baby implemented! I jokingly use the word “baby,” but these projects really do take a lot of thought, care, time, and TLC. This campaign really is your “baby” and you’re ready to set it up to nurture and flourish.

One of the BEST ways to do this is to utilize the marketing automation campaign designer feature. Setup your mailings, map out the timing, and send subscribers on different paths based on their “action” (or lack of it) in a mailing.

Take it to the Next Level

If you want to take your marketing automation campaigns to the next level, integrate web tracking into your campaign. This allows you to set up and track subscribers’ activity on your website so you can see what they’re engaging with.

With this insight, you can add subscribers to strategic campaigns, like an “abandoned shopping cart” campaign as well as nurture new interests to various areas of your website. For example, if they visited your campaign landing page or donation page but didn’t donate yet, they are a warmer lead, more likely to donate than someone who didn’t even click through the email.

Always remember to lean on your Advisor when you need guidance, or enlist the help of our strategic services team for even more in-depth advice.

For more information on setting up automated campaigns for your fundraising efforts, get our guide to automated campaigns!

How to Create An Effective Automated Fundraising Campaign

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