Beta Theta Pi raises $300,000 in one month with blended fundraising strategy

Alex Mastrianni

Informz Success Story

Beta Theta Pi used Informz as part of a blending fundraising strategy to raise $300,000 for their Annual Fund in one month.

Leading up to the end of their fiscal year, Beta Theta Pi developed a blended fundraising strategy to make a big push to donate to the Beta Leadership Fund. Their strategy included direct mail, social media, phone calls, and targeted email marketing with Informz. All of these channels strategically overlap where appropriate. For example, emails were set to send at a calculated time after direct mail pieces would be received.

Instead of sending all email messages to all donors, Beta Theta Pi segmented their audience into key groups to send targeted email messages that spoke to each group based on the other outreach they would receive. Each segment was offered custom incentives based on the specific demographic they were a part of.

Once their segments were set, Beta Theta Pi used their Informz for iMIS integration to customize their email messages with a specific ask amount based on their member status or previous donations. This process simplified the donor experience and streamlined the gift processing for Beta Theta Pi.

With a strategic, blended plan in place, Beta Theta Pi encouraged donors to easily contribute to their Leadership Fund and drove them to follow-thru with the fundraising process. At the end of the monthly campaign, they successfully raised $300,000 for the Beta Leadership Fund.

“The Informz for iMIS integration was invaluable throughout this entire campaign. It made the donor experience a seamless one and the processing on our end much easier,” said Ryan King, Director of Advancement, at Beta Theta Pi.

Inside Informz

Beta Theta Pi strategically incorporated email marketing into a blended fundraising strategy with Informz.

Informz for iMIS Integration

The seamless integration between the Informz email marketing platform and the iMIS membership database was an integral part of this campaign. From eliminating the need to manually pull different member segments to customizing the ask amount in the email messages, the integration saved Beta Theta Pi time during the mailing creation process and time during the gift processing steps. The customized messages to members made the donor experience simple and straightforward.

Preference Management Forms

In an effort to not over email and avoid having members unsubscribe from all email notifications, Beta Theta Pi created customized preference forms. This reduced their unsubscribe rates for this campaign, and will continually aide in reducing their unsubscribe rates.

Comprehensive Campaign Reporting

Beta Theta Pi took advantage of the robust reporting features available in Informz to examine the ongoing success of the campaign. From monitoring campaign basics like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes to identifying trends over time with advanced campaign reports, they were able to gather true insight into their members and see what worked best for them and adjust future emails accordingly.

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