Top Questions to Ask When Looking for a Mobile App Vendor

Lori Ely

There are lots of mobile event app providers out there and not every app is created equal. We know the selection process can be stressful, so we put together a checklist of questions that you can ask when interviewing potential mobile app vendors.

Start by narrowing down your top app providers based on your event app criteria, goals, and user experience. Make sure to ask your peers for any references and try a few out from the app store. Then, as you contact providers:

Tell the vendor about your event

Let your prospective provider know not only your event goals and the features you’re looking for in an app, but also details such as number of attendees, exhibitors, attendee profiles and unique qualities. These facts will help the vendor assess your needs and provide you with the app that best fits your event. The vendor has a unique perspective in response to your stated needs, and you can ask specific questions about functionality following that conversation.

Look for a partner, not just a vendor

Look for a partner that is invested in making your event app successful. A strong partner will be invested in the association market, continually making updates to the app, understand the unique qualities of your event, and will be responsive to your needs. Ask things like:

  • How frequently is the app updated?
  • What features were added?
  • How do you determine which features to add?
  • What kind of support will you provide to help me to implement the app?
  • May I have some references?

Understand how the app is built and how it will work for your event

Not all apps are created equal. For example, many force a long pause for the user as the app data is updated, or every time the app is opened. Ask questions like:

  • How are updates managed?
  • What’s the average load time for an event?
  • How can I manage my updates?
  • What will work offline? What won’t? (Note: you can also test this by putting the app into airplane mode and trying it)

For more tips, check out our how-to guide with step-by-step help on choosing the best mobile app for your next event.

About the Author
Lori Ely

Lori is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Informz. Outside of work you can find Lori chasing around her young sons.