Email of the Month: IAEE

Alex Mastrianni

June’s email of the month comes to us from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).

IAEE’s interactive email design promoting early registration for an event stood out in inboxes earlier this month. Let’s see why.

What Stands Out

  • The interactive countdown clock. Nothing encourages action better than time literally slipping away right in front of readers’ eyes! While not interactive in this blog post, the timer in the email was set to count down to the last minute with a discounted rate.
  • The colorful “bullets” in the email. Instead of bullets, IAEE designed the three most important reasons for attending to stand out in the center of the email with a colorful background. This is a great way to have the value of registration pop off the page.
  • The emojis in the subject line. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, but just as we noted in our subject line trend guide earlier this year, emojis in the subject line is a trend more and more associations are testing out.

Now Try This

  • Add an interactive element to your email. Countdown clock not for you? No problem. Why not experiment with animation, a carousel, or collapsible menu? One of our design bloggers outlines the benefits of interactive elements in this post.
  • Create a design that supports your content. A cool design isn’t the point of sending an email. You send an email because you have an important message to deliver. Your design should enhance your message and make sure you’re telling the right story with design. Always keep this in mind.
  • Test a subject line with an emoji. It might fall flat, or it might be a rousing success — you’ll never know until you test it! Get more emoji inspiration in this guide.

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