Email of the Month: Meet Minneapolis

Alex Mastrianni

It’s time to take another look in the inbox to see what email design is standing out this month!

Meet Minneapolis sent the email below to folks who are considering planning a meeting in their city.

What Stands Out

  • That hero image. I am a sucker for a great header image, and the colors, photography, and text in this image all work really well together.
  • The simple color scheme. Meet Minneapolis kept it simple with a light gray, bright blue, and lime color palette. The blue buttons pop on the white background and the gray copy is easy to read. It’s a very clean look.
  • The stackable design. When collapsed in your browser or on a mobile device, the boxes at the bottom of the email stack and make navigation easy.
  • A consistent brand experience. If you click through any of the links to their website, you’ll see that the look and feel of the email is consistent with the design of the website. They did an excellent job of keeping with their branding across multiple mediums.

Now Try This

  • Choose a great hero image. This image is prime real estate in your email. If you’re going to place an image here, make sure it’s going to draw in your audience with a nice balance of imagery and copy if necessary.
  • Be crystal clear with your calls to action. Have a lot of resources to pack into an email? Make sure you are guiding readers to the right place with easily clickable buttons that provide readers with the information they want.
  • Responsive is a no-brainer. The stackable boxes for mobile devices work well for increasingly mobile email audiences.
  • Stick with your branding. There’s nothing worse than clicking through in an email and being taken somewhere that doesn’t look anything like where you came from. That’s enough to end a conversion right there and then. Follow Meet Minneapolis’s lead and make your email design look like your website design for a seamless experience.

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