Email of The Month: Columbus Bar Association

Alex Mastrianni

Calling all email marketers in the market for a little inspiration!

We know our blog readers are big fans of email design. You want more ideas, and we’re delivering. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new series: Email of the Month.

Each month we’re pulling an email sent by one of our clients that caught our eye. This month we’re calling out Columbus Bar Association and their email encouraging members to update their directory profiles.

What Stands Out

  • The balance of text and images. This email is light on copy, but not on content. The images support the brief copy below each icon. It makes the message easy to read and it works well on a mobile device too, which is perfect for the 37% of mobile opens this message received.
  • Clear content delivery. Another shout out to the person who crafted the concise, direct copy. Keeping email copy simple yet effective is not easy, but this email does it well. And, if someone happens to be skimming the email, they can get exactly what they need from the headlines next to each photo without having to read the smaller text.
  • White space. This email is on the longer side, but it doesn’t feel like it because of the light and airy feeling that is a result of the white space.

Now Try This

  • Consider your images. Are your images helping to tell the story? If not, cut them. Images can be powerful when used properly, just like CBA has done.
  • Make every word count. People aren’t spending a lot of time reading emails these days. Get more mileage out of your copy with strong headlines and concise text. Combining this with supportive images will strengthen your messaging.
  • Mobile-friendly is a must. Benchmark data shows that more emails sent by associations are being opened on mobile devices than on desktop. Follow CBA’s lead and create a design that’s going to work for mobile audiences.
  • Test emojis and special characters. Is your audience into this trend? The only way to find out is to test. This guide has more examples of how associations are using emojis in their subject lines.

Check out more inspirational email designs in our Digital Marketing Lookbook. Got a cool email we should feature? Email me!

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