You Ask It, We Answer It!

Alex Mastrianni

It’s getting close to the end of the year and marketers are working on next year’s email marketing plans. Are you in the middle of working on your organization’s plan and getting stuck with questions that need answering? Then this webinar is just for you!

Join us on Wednesday, November 14th at 2pm US EDT and you’ll decide what we’ll focus on! That’s right; this webinar puts you in control of the content! From strategy to reporting and testing to design, whatever you ask, we’ll answer. Submit questions when you register and our Marketing Strategist will put together a webinar answering them live.

We’ve had some great questions submitted so far, including:

  • What are the ideal dimensions of an email?
  • How can we get more students to sign up for our free membership and renew with us each year?
  • What are some tips for designing newsletters for a mobile device?
  • What are some ways to gain a Twitter or Facebook audience for a company that is new to social media?

Register for the webinar now and have all of your questions answered!


About the Author
Alex Mastrianni

As the Marketing Manager at Informz, Alex drives the development and implementation of our content marketing plan and marketing campaigns. Outside of work, Alex is a pop culture junkie, ice cream fanatic, and semi-pro vacation planner.