Thanking your members all year long

Alex Mastrianni

As Veteran’s Day came and went, I read in many Facebook posts, “we should honor our veterans every day, not just one day a year.” I think we can all agree on that statement; but the same should be said throughout your association when it comes to your membership.

Members chose your association for many reasons, but after the first welcome message, how do you show that you appreciate them? Once a member is acquired, we tend to move onto the next project, assuming that they have everything they need at their fingertips. Why not get a little more personal and create multiple touch points with them? This may sound labor-intensive but in the world of technology, it can be automated through email. Some ideas to honor members throughout the year include:

  • A personal message to make sure they have received their journals in a timely manner, have been able to log into the website and more.
  • Send a birthday message, both through email and a text message. Friends remember each other’s birthdays, why can’t we remember our member’s birthdays?
  • Delivering an anniversary announcement, celebrating the longevity of their commitment to the field.

These are just a few ideas to stay connected to your members throughout the year without asking them to spend more money. Remember, members want to feel appreciated and that they belong to a group. Make them feel special and they will become a life-time member!

Jeanette Brown is the Marketing Strategy Manager at Informz.


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